Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maddix went Boating!

Well it was that time of year that Winter Camp on the boats comes around again. We debated on going since Maddix is so small but when we got invited to go on the Mains boat and stay in a cabin on Cypress Island we were in! The weekend started out by Uncle D coming over Friday to watch the Olympics and helped us pack. I got out Maddix's life jacket for a trial run. He was not sure what to think but didn't cry! Luckily Uncle D SAVED him from the jacket and got some snuggle time in too. Then first thing Saturday we were off to Anacortes to get on the boat. Maddix did great! The water was pretty rough Saturday getting out there. Tamar and I looked at eachother a couple times and questioned our decision to go as we are both Fare Weather Boaters ONLY! We made it mid afternoon after putting in some hard fishing time with the boys (of course we stayed in the boat cabin and gossiped and read trashy magazines) When we got to shore Pam and Ali were there to welcome us and even had a ton of baby toys, swings, crib and everything to make Maddix feel like at home. We had a delicious meal and camp fire before turning in for the night. We returned mid day Sunday and all came to the conclusion Maddix is a GREAT Boater. We cant wait to go again!

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  1. That little life jacket is so adorable! Hes such a little trooper! Soon enough, he will be right there fishing with Daddy-- I can't believe how big he is getting already!