Monday, June 28, 2010

Huskies Suck

Hmmmm. I think my parents are trying to brainwash their grandson. They tried this with Darick also and about 10 he decided he would be a Husky. Eventually he came around though. Love you Darick!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing is hard work

Maddix has been busy playing with all his toys more and more. Today he played alot before going down for a nap.
As you can see he was so tired that he fell asleep face down with his hands over his eyes. He is so cute when he curles up in a ball in his crib.
This is the result of sleeping on your hands.

We hit a Deer!

We went as a family to the races 2 weeks ago. The night went great Maddix slept through most the races, our friends Buck and Danielle were there, and most of all we got out of the house! Things went down hill when we left however. We were coming out of the parking lot and they told me I could only go right. I was super tired and knew I didnt want to go all the way to alger and then home, but thats what they told me I had to do. Then suddenly a Deer! He went skipping across the road just in time to meet my bumper. Ian then proceeded to beg for us to pick the deer up. I was already scared and mad that my car was hurt so of course I told him no we were not putting the deer in the back of my BMW but if he wanted he could take his own truck up and get it.  Luckily we are all ok just $7,400 damage to my car and 2 weeks in a rental.
Moral of the story. Maddix got his first buck at 5 mos old!